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These times are based on San Jose, California.

SBIA Operations | Coronavirus and Covid-19

Assalamu alaikum, Many community members have contacted us about SBIA’s response to the Covid-19 disease caused by the novel coronavirus and its impact on operations at SBIA facilities and events.
Impact on SBIA Operations and Activities
  • Daily salat and Salat al-Jumuah: Our facilities are closed for prayer. Salat al-Jumuah is suspended until further notice. We encourage our congregants to pray Dhuhr at home on Fridays.

  • Imam Tahir’s weekly halaqa and sister’s tafseer class: Suspended until further notice.

  • Events: Al-Isra wa al-Meraj event planned for March 21 is canceled.

  • Suffa Weekend Islamic Learning Program: Parents have been notified of online learning arrangements by the Suffa Administration

  • Office hours: The office is closed due to state-wide lockdown.

  • Zakat applications: Processed as usual. Please email zakat@sbia.info with questions.

Stay informed:
SBIA encourages the community to stay abreast of the latest announcements from the Centers for Disease Control (Covid-19 link here) and the Santa Clara County Public Health Dept (link to Covid-19 page).

At risk individuals (the elderly and very young), those with compromised immune systems, those that are ill, or with recent travel to a location that may have a prevalence of coronavirus, or those that may have been exposed to individuals that have Covid-19/novel coronavirus should follow the public health guidelines and avoid coming to public gatherings.

At the masjid, we encourage individuals to greet each other but avoid handshakes or facial contact in an attempt to limit the spread of disease. If you like, you can use a paper towel to cover the portion of the musalla where you will make sijdah.

UAE Council for Fatwa, Fatwa No. 11, 2020, Pertaining to the Rulings of Performing Congregational Rites in Light of the Spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease)

We pray that Allah SWT protects the community from all kinds of diseases and grants shifa to those that are ill. Aameen.