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SBIA Islamic School

“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim”  - Hadith of the Prophet (SAWS) reported by Tirmidhi

Our Mission is to impart a strong Islamic identity to our youth and complement their regular education to build a strong community for the next generation.

Classes: K-7, Youth(Grades 8 and above). 

Interested in teaching or volunteering? Contact sbiais@sbia.info with a resume, bio, and a cover letter describing why this would be an ideal activity for you. 

Email sbiais@sbia.info with questions. 


Guidelines & Regulations
All guidelines and regulations including general description, registration details, placement, school rules, attendance, dress code and more can be downloaded in the below PDF.

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SBIAIS Curriculum
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Student/Family Information Update Form
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SBIAIS Absent Excuse
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STEM are considered the most critical academic disciplines for success in 21st century workforce. STEM Club focuses on diverse science topics and computer science foundation concepts.

SBIAIS's STEM program is designed to help students foster logical, analytical and critical thinking skills. They will learn to analyze difficult problems with a systemic approach of the scientific method. Students will learn from a vast array of techniques with hands on learning, physical hardware tools, and software application based learning methods.

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