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9:35 PM

Jumu'ah I
2345 Harris Way


Imam Tahir Anwar
Jumu'ah II
2345 Harris Way


Br. Parvez Ahmed
Jumu'ah III
2345 Harris Way


Eid at SBIA

Please check back on the evening of Tuesday, May 11th for eid announcement.
SBIA adheres to the traditional principle that Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, naked-eye sighting of the new crescent moon.

SBIA will host 5 socially distant Eid prayers at 2345 Harris Way, San Jose. Eid prayer registration to open on Monday, May 10th at 9am.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Due to multiple verifiable sightings of the new crescent on Mon., April 12, first fast of Ramadan will be on Tuesday, April 13. Taraweeh will begin tonight at Masjid al-Mustafa and Downtown (Registration required).

South Bay Islamic Association adheres to the traditional principle that Islamic lunar months begin and end based on the confirmed, verifiable naked-eye sighting of the new crescent moon. 

With Santa Clara County in the Orange Tier and improved health conditions, we are able to offer Ramadan services, although not on the same scale as we are accustomed to. We request that the community adhere to safety protocols and pray that this is indeed a blessed Ramadan for all of you, inshaAllah.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SBIA is restricting the number of attendees allowed per prayer. Please use the forms below to sign up for daily prayers or Jumuah prayers. All prayers are held at Harris Way location. Limited Taraweeh prayers will be held in Ramadan at the Downtown facility.

  • Children less than 13 years old will not be allowed
  • Persons aged 65 years or older are encouraged to pray at home unless fully vaccinated
  • Prayer attendees must come with wudu and bring their own prayer rugs
  • There will be no access to the building besides the prayer area and therefore no arrangement for wudu
  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after visiting SBIA
  • Attendees must wear facial masks at all times and maintain six feet distance between each other
  • Each participant will be screened for symptoms of fever or illness
  • Prayer shall be limited to 100 attendees
  • Prayer shall be limited to 40 attendees at Downtown when open for Taraweeh
  • Congregants must pray the congregational prayers only and leave immediately thereafter.
SBIA and its management are doing their best to follow the Federal/State/City Laws. While much uncertainty and apprehension remain, we do know that COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. It may also spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. SBIA is holding religious services based on the Federal/State/City guidelines and is not responsible for any virus transmission which may be beyond its control. Hence it is up to the congregant to make the informed individual decision to attend the Prayer at SBIA or pray at home. Note: Registering for the prayer means you are acknowledging that you will follow all rules and agree with the above disclaimer.

Ramadan Prayer Registration

Masjid al-Mustafa Capacity: 100
Downtown (Taraweeh Only) Capacity: 100
Registration opens Sundays at 4pm
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Online Talk During Ramadan

On Daily During Ramadan after Salat ul Isha
At Watch Live

Ramadan Reflections with Imam Tahir Anwar.

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Ramadan Prayers at SBIA

SBIA will host daily salat along with 3 Jamaats for Salat ul Jumuah.

Taraweeh at Masjid al-Mustafa will be led by Qari Zakarie el Mekkaoui. We will pray 20 rakat, but will not be completing the Qur'an this year as we are shortening the recitation in order to keep the duration of prayer short during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taraweeh at Downtown will be held by Imam Imran Khan.

Registration is required for daily prayers along with Jumuah and Taraweeh prayers. Please see above for registration links.

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A Night of Blessings & Dua

On Saturday, May 8 at 9:35pm
At Live Online

SBIA continues its annual tradition of hosting an annual dua night on the 27th of Ramadan. Join us online this blessed evening for a brief talk and dua hosted by Imam Tahir Anwar.

Program will begin at 9:35 with live broadcast of Isha, talk, Taraweeh & Dua by Imām Tāhir Anwar.

Watch on Facebook  |   Watch on YouTube

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No Iftar & I’tikaaf

There will be no arrangements for Iftar at SBIA this year. If you plan to pay Salat al-Maghrib, please bring dates and water wih you.

Similarly, due to COVID restrictions, there will be no I'tikaaf hosted at SBIA this Ramadan.

Donate to SBIA

As you may know, SBIA collects majority of its donations during Ramadan. Due to COVID restrictions, donation collections have been extremely difficult. Please donate generously this Ramadan.

Donate Online

Eid Prayers at Masjid al-Mustafa

Eid ul-Fitr will be held on May 12th or 13th based on moon-sighting. Five socially distanced jamaats will be held at Masjid at-Mustafa only -- no arrangements to be made at the fairgrounds.

Please check back here for registration links as we get closer to Eid.