5:06AM - 6:21AM


1:07PM - 5:53PM


5:53PM - 7:53PM




9:09PM - 5:06AM
Jumu'ah 1

1:15 PM

Jumu'ah 2 at: 2:30PM
These times are based on San Jose, California.

SBIA Family Night: My Family is at the Masjid

Friday, December 6 | 6:30 pm | SBIA Larger Center: 2345 Harris Way, San Jose

You are all cordially invited with your family and friends along with all the Community members to the monthly SBIA Family Night Educational & Social program and dinner as per the following:

6:30 PM: Dinner, 
7:15 PM: Isha prayer, 
7:30 Presentations

Topic-1: Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
Speaker: Araceli Martinez, HBRC Manager, Health Benefit Resource Center, O’Connor Hospital

Abstract: Join us to learn more about how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) can benefit you and your family so that you can make informed choices about your health coverage options.

Topic-2: Understanding ObamaCare
Speaker: Zain Jeewanjee
CEO Founder of G1G Insurance, and Zain Jeewanjee Insurance Agency

Abstract: ObamaCare has changed the Medical Insurance system in the USA. It is complicated and confusing. Media has it one way and the Govt sounds it the other. For Small Businesses there are some urgent changes. For people without insurance you can get insurance coverage for as little as $ 40 per month. Should companies cancel their coverage ? Can my Parents who visit me be covered on ObamaCare ? The speaker is a veteran in the Medical insurance Industry and he will answer your questions.