SBIA Operations During COVID-19

SBIA Facilitites are closed per Santa Clara County Public Health Order. Limited Outdoor Salat conducted at 2345 Harris Way. More Info. »

6:30 AM



1:00 PM


4:15 PM



8:00 PM

Masjid al-Mustafa Jumuah
2345 Harris Way, San Jose

Imam Tahir Anwar
Downtown Jumuah
325 N. 3rd St, San Jose

General Body Meeting

Saturday | December 22 | 11:30 am | SBIA Downtown, 325 N. 3rd St, San Jose

Every year, SBIA leadership holds a session during which we inform the community of what has been accomplished the past year, discuss the status of activities and projects going forward, and answer any questions attendees may have. SBIA is your organization — please join us. Refreshments will be served.


  1. Meeting Call to Order
  2. Recitation from the Holy Qu'ran
  3. Points of Order
  4. Approval of the Agenda
  5. President's remarks and review of SBIA activities in 2012
  6. Financial status update
  7. New Evergreen Masjid project update
  8. Closing remarks and dua'a
  9. Motion to adjourn