4:25AM - 5:51AM


1:06PM - 6:09PM


6:09PM - 8:21PM




9:47PM - 4:25AM
Jumu'ah 1

1:15 PM

Jumu'ah 2 at: 2:30PM
These times are based on San Jose, California.

Demystifying Shariah

With Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui &Imam Mohamed Abdul Azeez

An open house for our friends, neighbors & colleagues of other faiths

4:30 pm ~ 7:30 pm – Saturday, March 17, 2012

Location: Muslim Community Association, 3003 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara


Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui is a nationally renowned Muslim scholar and a frequent speaker at numerous Islamic conferences throughout North America. Dr. Maghraoui earned his dual-doctorate in Physics and Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University and received his Islamic education in Algeria. Dr. Maghraoui resides in Troy, NY, and is an active participant of interfaith trialogue with the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities in the Capital District of New York area.

Imam Mohamed Abdul Azeez is the religious leader of the Salam Islamic Center in Sacramento CA. Imam Azeez was educated in medicine, political science, sociology, Islamic history and Islamic theology. He holds an MD from Ain Shams University, a BA from Ohio State University, and an MA from University of Chicago. Imam Azeez has been involved in Islamic activism and education for the past 10 years. He worked with and taught Islam at numerous institutions from the Midwest to the West coast.

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