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Evergreen Masjid Construction Project – Status as of June 8, 2012

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

Alhumdulillah, the SBIA Evergreen Project Committee has made significant progress working with the City of San Jose in the last 3 – 4 months on the Building Construction permit required for the masjid construction to start. We expect the permit to be ready before the end of the month Insha-Allah. 

We had sent the RFP to 20 construction companies in the Bay Area. About 7 companies responded to our bid. After a month of extensive evaluation of the bids received, the Evergreen Masjid Project Committee has recommended a Contractor to the SBIA Board of Directors. We are currently working on finalizing the construction contract with the contractor. Once the contract is fully executed, we will provide the community with further details. We are targeting Monday July 2 for the ground breaking and the start of the Masjid construction Insha-Allah. 

The project details are as follows:

Project Scope: To build a 7,100 sq. ft. masjid and a 4,500 sq. ft. basement for a total of 11,600 sq. ft. 

Project Cost: The cost of construction of the masjid and the basement is estimated to be about $2.65M. The permit fees and other miscellaneous City of San Jose fees are estimated to be about $200K. As such, the total amount required for the completion of the masjid is about $2.85M.

Note: We have so far spent a total of $800K in site preparation, retaining walls, iron fence, partial parking lot, bioswales and protecting the existing structure so the community could continue utilizing it for five daily prayers, Jummah and other events during the construction period. As such, the total project cost once the masjid is constructed will be about $3.65M. 

Project Timeline: The construction of the masjid will take 18 – 20 months provided we have 100% funding. We have collected about $500K so far in donations to pay for Phase 1A of the project which will include foundation and basement structure. We have $300K in pledges as part of our musallah sponsorship initiative. We will need to raise another $1.7M in the next 18 months to meet our projected timeline.

Please pray for the success of the project. Also, please donate for the construction by sponsoring at least one musallah at $2,000 by paying $500 now and the balance in a year. We still have about 175 musallahs to be sponsored out of 553 total musallahs for men and women. For real-time status of donations and musallah sponsorship, please visit http://www.sbia.info. If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to email at egproject@sbia.info


Fahim Rahman
Chairman, SBIA Evergreen Masjid Project
SBIA Board of Directors