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Jumu'ah I
2345 Harris Way

Jumu'ah II
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Jumu'ah III
2345 Harris Way


Rajab & Sha’ban

Since the first crescent of Sha’ban 1441 was not sighted after sunset on 29th of Rajab, Rajab will complete 30 days.

Sha’ban 1441 will begin at Maghrib on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and the 1st day of Sha’ban 1441 will fall on Thursday.
Nisf Sha’ban (Laylat ul Baraat), the eve of 15th Sha’ban, will be observed on the evening of Wednesday, April 8th.

SBIA encourages the community to perform their nawafil at home in the evening of Laylat ul Baraat as we will not host our annual gathering in light of the current health situation in Santa Clara County.
Reflections on the Night of Isra wa al Meraj in a Time of Difficulty
The month of Rajab 1441 has nearly passed us by. Communities across the world are panic stricken with uncertainty and fear at an invisible enemy that attacks and lays waste to the populace.