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Ramadan 2020

The 29th of Sha’ban falls on Thursday, April 23. We encourage the community to look for the first crescent of Ramadan after Maghrib on Thursday evening. SBIA follows global moonsighting and will make a determination as to the start of Ramadan that evening and will broadcast an announcement to the community. With shelter-in-place still in effect, our facilities remain closed at this time. This is indeed a unique Ramadan for all of us, and we will experience it in a manner that Allah ﷻ intended for us. We pray that you and your loved ones continue to remain safe, and this is a blessed Ramadan for you.

Imam Tahir gave a talk on preparing for Ramadan on our livestream last week. Watch Online.
Ramadan timetable for 2020 is here!

Click here to download a PDF copy.

You can print these at home, download a copy to your phone, or pickup a printed copy from Downtown or Harris Way.