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Legacy of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq with Mufti Hussain Kamani

Sunday, May 3 | 10am – 2pm | 2345 Harris Way, San Jose

Who do you look up to? Who do you admire? We know what the answers to these should be.

But if we ask ourselves – Whose lives do we study most? Who do we spend the most time thinking about? We may find an inconsistency in this answer.

We all love the Companions of the Prophet (saw). We know we should follow them, but how much do we really know about them?

It's with this premise in mind that Qalam Institute presents its new series – Legends. These are programs meant for the whole family. We will take the life of one of the noble companions of the Prophet (saw) and go through their life in the compelling, captivating, relevant, and practical way Qalam seminars are known around the country.

Register at: http://www.qalaminstitute.org/register/