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SBIA Family Night

Friday, February 6 | 6:30pm | 2345 Harris Way, San Jose

6:30 PM: Dinner,  7:30 PM: Isha Prayer,  7:45 PM: Presentations
Topic:  Muslim Unity in Qur’an and Hadith Perspectives
Speaker:  Ziaur Rahman
Abstract:   In this talk, Ziaur Rahman plans to present the concept of Unity according to Quran and Sunna perspectives, some of the reasons of disunity among the mankind, Muslim Ummah, and even Ahle-Sunna wal-Jama' with some historic perspectives. When one can clearly understand the sources of disunity and its consequences, fostering understandings of unity can be possible and it can be achieved. Allah SWT has beautified the hearts of the Muslims with the Iman and love of Allah SWT, and for His Rasuls. When Rasul-Allah SAW taught the companions the Quran that purified and beautified their hearts with Iman, and enjoined their hearts together, a spark of unity was created that enabled the spread of Islam globally in unprecedented speed. When the Quran and Sunna was not properly adhered to, the unity was broken that brought the halt of the progress. A proposal of a Framework for regaining the Unity will be discussed.
Ziaur Rahman has two MS degrees in Applied Physics, Electronics, and Computer Science, taught at Indiana University, worked for about 30 years in engineering and management positions at several different High-Tech corporations including AT&T Bell Labs, Samsung, Lucent, T-Mobile, Capgemeni, Comcast, and Oracle, and he has co-chaired International technical conference.