4:25AM - 5:51AM


1:06PM - 6:09PM


6:09PM - 8:21PM




9:47PM - 4:25AM
Jumu'ah 1

1:15 PM

Jumu'ah 2 at: 2:30PM
These times are based on San Jose, California.

Mufti Hussain Kamani in The Bay Area

Friday, May 9 & Saturday, May 10

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.52.59 AMFriday, May 9th: Jumu’ah & Evening Program
Salat al Jumu’ah at SBIA
2345 Harris Way, San Jose
First Adhan at 1:15PM, Iqamah at 1:50PM

Evening Program at MCC East Bay
5724 W. Las Positas Blvd.,
Pleasanton Maghrib (8:05pm) to Isha

Saturday, May 10th (10am – 4pm): Imam Ghazali’s Beginning of Guidance
This seminar is based on the work of Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s Bidayat-al-Hidaya (The Beginning of Guidance) a highly motivational manual detailing the fundamentals of acquiring guidance through God-consciousness (taqwa). Imam Ghazali argues that just as there is an end to this noble objective there is also a beginning to it, which must be made firm to achieve success. This is one of Imam Ghaza- li’s final works, it embodies a lifetime of learning, experience,and spirituality.

Cost: $20 (includes lunch) | Book provided for first 50 registrants
Location: 2345 Harris Way, San Jose

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Mufti Hussain Kamani was born to a Hindu revert-to-Islam and Muslim father in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. He began his pursuit of the Islamic sciences at the young age of six to memorize the entire Quran at the ac- claimed Darul Uloom Madania in Buffalo, New York. He then studied at Darul Uloom Bury, the renowned seminary of the great revivalist and scholar of Hadith, Shaykh-ul-Hadith Zakariyya Kandhlawi. Alongside his religious studies, Mufti Hussain completed his graduate degree in Business Management from the University of Coventry, England.

Mufti Hussain currently serves as an instructor at Darul Hikmah & Darul Qasim in Chicago.