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Jumu'ah 1

1:15 PM

Jumu'ah 2 at: 2:30PM
These times are based on San Jose, California.

SBIA April Family Night

Friday, April 4th | 6:30pm | 2345 Harris Way, San Jose

6:30 Dinner – 7:33 Maghrib – 7:45 Presentations – 9:00 Isha
Topic – 1:  Big Bang, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Hole, Neutrino, God particle, Expansion of Universe, and search for life elsewhere in Cosmos
Speaker:  Dr. Mahbub Khan, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
Abstract:  Dr. Mahbub Khan has worked as Principal Scientist, Interim Director of Research and Development and in other positions in the Computer high density magnetic data storage and in Semiconductor fields for several High-Tech Corporations of Silicon Valley and elsewhere including IBM, Seagate, AMAT and National Lab for over 30 years. He has served as the IEEE Chairman of Silicon Valley and SBIA President. He is an active Community volunteer in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles in California. Now on his way to retirement, Dr. Mahbub is currently working as an Adjunct Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at several institutions, teaching University students and College students located locally as well as Nationwide in Classroom-Hybrid-OnlineDL settings through LMS Systems, teaching US-Military students located worldwide through Online Distance Learning settings including Online Physics-Labs, and teaching Incarcerated students located in prisons and Correctional facilities all across USA using Telecourse settings through TV Channels.  In this presentation Dr. Mahbub will talk about some recent sciences, including the Big Bang and the acceleratingly expanding flat Universe that marks the boundary between open and closed universe models. The separation of four fundamental forces of nature (Nuclear Strong, Weak, Electro-Magnetic and Gravitational), releasing huge amount of energy through Inflation stage and other means, and how the 13.7 billion years old Universe with super-cluster of galaxies watched the death of stars through Supernova-II explosions paving the way to the birth of our 4.5 billion years old Solar system, our home (Sun-Earth-Moon), which is currently at its mid-age stage with some heavy elements higher than the highest binding energy element Iron, and how it will die, will be explained. How the temperature of our Cosmos dropped from 1032 K to only 2.73 K, and what happened during that time will be mentioned. Dark matter, Dark energy and Black Hole singularity will be explained. The neutrino speed and God particle or Higgs Boson of Standard Model that recently caused frustrations and excitements among scientists worldwide will be reviewed. The on-going search for life elsewhere in the Cosmos, the Universe, will be discussed.
Topic – 2: Adam and the Story of Creation by Allah 
Speaker:  Imam Tahir AnwarDirector of Religious Services at SBIA
Abstract:  Imam Tahir is a Hafiz, ‘Alim and the Director of Religious Services at South Bay Islamic Association. Imam Tahir is also very involved with various other religious organizations, community development organizations and Interfaith activities locally as well as nationally. He has published CD-DVD’s on Hajj, Adhan and other important topics. In this presentation, Imam Tahir will narrate the story of creation, as explained by Allah in the Holy Qur'an. There is much confusion and many questions that people have nowadays about how we were created. In this presentation, the creation of Adam (AS) and how the world came into existence will be covered.