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Jumu'ah I
2345 Harris Way

Jumu'ah II
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Jumu'ah III
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SBIA Family Night

Friday, February 7 | 6:30 PM | 2345 Harris Way, San Jose


6:30 PM: Dinner
7:30 PM: Isha prayer
7:45 PM: Presentation

Death & Dying 
Imam Tahir Anwar

Death, the great equalizer of humanity, is the only static aspect of a human life. Dealing with death or the dying can be an extremely stressful experience. Not only are there questions around the practical aspects of burying the deceased, but many of us carry around questions about Islamic understanding of life after death.

Imam Tahir will attempt to address these questions at the upcoming family night. Some of the topics covered will include burying the deceased, janazah prayers, life in the grave and life hereafter, what can children do for their parents while they are passing away and after their death, proper adab when visiting the family of the deceased, and things not to do when someone is passing or has passed away.