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SBIA Election Results

The Election Committee received one nomination of Dr. Muhammad Saleem for the Board of Trustees. Since there was one vacancy, he is elected unopposed.

For the three vacancies on the Board of Directors, we received three nominations of the following people:

1. Br. Arif Khan
2. Sr. Olyli Bantuas
3. Br. Zeya Bakhtyar

After confirming the eligibility of all nominees, we declare that all the nominees fulfill the SBIA candidacy criteria. Accordingly, the three Director nominees are also elected unopposed.

The Election Committee members would like to thank SBIA for giving us the responsibility and privilege to conduct the elections.

– Waheed Siddiqee

On behalf of the Election Committee:
1. Br. AbdulKader Khatri
2. Br. Abdul Latif Diwan
3. Br. Waheed Siddiqee (Chairman)

Note: For any questions or clarifications, please contact: Br. Waheed Siddiqee at H: (408) 732-1988; C: (408) 480-3217; or e-mail: mwsiddiqee@sbcglobal.net