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Jumu'ah I
2345 Harris Way

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Jumu'ah III
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A Letter From the President of SBIA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

With the blessings of Allah (swt), SBIA has been operating for over three decades. Ramadan is nearly upon us and we
can concentrate on recharging our faith and increasing our attendance at our masajid. In addition, this is the time to
provide generous financial support to help SBIA Insha-Allah continue to offer services to the entire community.

We would also like to remind you to check SBIA's website at www.sbia.info in order to:

• View announcements and upcoming SBIA and community events
• See the prayer time schedule and learn who are the Jumma Khateebs at each location
• Stay in touch with SBIA: sign up to receive emails, ask the Imam, get RSS feeds and follow SBIA on Twitter
• Make secure one-time and recurring online donations

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