4:25AM - 5:51AM


1:06PM - 6:09PM


6:09PM - 8:21PM




9:47PM - 4:25AM
Jumu'ah 1

1:15 PM

Jumu'ah 2 at: 2:30PM
These times are based on San Jose, California.

Family Night on Friday October 1st @ 6:45pm

Topic 1:  Defining the Muslim American Experience – Imam Tahir Anwar,  Religious Director of SBIA

Abstract: What is a Muslim American and how do we uniquely define the Muslim American experience? Learn how to balance our spiritual life with American culture and traditions.

Topic 2: Defending our Faith and Civil Rights – Sr. Zahra Billoo, CAIR SFBA Director

Abstract:  The attacks on Islam and Muslims have been increasing over the past year at an alarming rate. Numerous mosques are being protested and attacked while the rights of Muslims are being violated. Learn about what CAIR is doing to defend our faith and civil rights and how you can get involved to help advance ourselves with confidence. 

Topic 3: Sharing our Faith by Serving the Community – Guest speakers from Carry the Vision and California Community Partners for Youth

Abstract:  Muslims have an opportunity to show how our faith makes America better by serving the greater community. This presentation will provide an overview of the Muslims Serve campaign, “Carry the Vision” which helps build a culture of non-violence, and “California Community Partners for Youth” which helps at risk youth stay in school.