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Ramadan Moonsighting Clarification

Insha-Allah the month of Ramadan is approaching next week and we would like to update you on a few items. There has been some misinformation that SBIA has dropped moonsighting in favor of calculation. This is not the case and we are planning to follow moonsighting. However there have been some challenges in the past with moonsighting and we are looking at ways to enhance the process to better know the date ahead of time. We are working closely with local Muslim scholars and organizations to come up with a system that preserves the Sunnah of moonsighting while providing better predictability of dates.  
Community feedback is essential to any decision therefore a meeting has been scheduled tonight after Asr (6:30pm) at downtown to review the process and hear feedback. 
We will announce the start of Ramadan next week on the SBIA website and through email.