SBIA Operations During COVID-19

SBIA Facilitites are closed per Santa Clara County Public Health Order. Limited Outdoor Salat conducted at 2345 Harris Way. More Info. »

6:30 AM



1:00 PM


4:15 PM



8:00 PM

Masjid al-Mustafa Jumuah
2345 Harris Way, San Jose

Imam Tahir Anwar
Downtown Jumuah
325 N. 3rd St, San Jose

A Grateful Community | SBIA incorporated 40 years ago this day

And when your Lord proclaimed: If ye give thanks, I will give you more;  (Surah Ibrahim, verse 7)

Today, March 28, 2020 marks a blessed day for the South Bay Islamic Association.

Forty years ago, the articles of incorporation of the South Bay Islamic Association were filed on this day with the California Secretary of State. In these four decades, our organization and the community has come a long way by the favor of Allah ﷻ, the effort and sacrifices of those that came before us, the continued generosity of the community, and the selflessness of those who continue to give their time for a greater cause.