SBIA Operations During COVID-19

SBIA Facilitites are closed per Santa Clara County Public Health Order. Limited Outdoor Salat conducted at 2345 Harris Way. More Info. »

6:10 AM



1:30 PM


5:45 PM



8:45 PM

Masjid al-Mustafa Jumuah
2345 Harris Way, San Jose

Imam Tahir Anwar
Downtown Jumuah
325 N. 3rd St, San Jose

Daily Prayer attendance increased to 55

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SBIA is restricting the number of attendees allowed per prayer. Please use the forms below to sign up for daily prayers or Jumuah prayers. All prayers are held at Harris Way location.

  • Children less than 13 years old will not be allowed
  • Persons age 65 years or older are requested to pray at home
  • Prayer attendees must come with wudu and bring their own prayer rugs
  • There will be no access to the building and therefore no arrangement for wudu
  • Please use hand sanitizer before and after visiting SBIA
  • Attendees must wear facial masks at all times and maintain six feet distance between each other 
  • Each participant will be screened for symptoms of fever or illness  
  • Prayer shall be limited to 55 persons; congregants will be allowed on a first-come, first-served basis. Two volunteers and our imam will make up the maximum number of participants permitted
  • Congregants must pray fard only and leave immediately thereafter
SBIA and its management are doing their best to follow the Federal/State/City Laws. While much uncertainty and apprehension remain, we do know that COVID-19 is extremely contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. It may also spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes. SBIA is holding religious services based on the Federal/State/City guidelines and is not responsible for any virus transmission which may be beyond its control. Hence it is up to the congregant to make the informed individual decision to attend the Prayer at SBIA or pray at home.

Note: Registering for the prayer means you are acknowledging that you will follow all rules and agree with the above disclaimer.

Daily Prayer Signup

Please be mindful during registration and signup only if you plan to attend. Each prayer is limited to 55 registrations.

Jumu'ah Signup

Please be mindful during registration and signup only if you plan to attend. Each prayer limited to 55 people.
First Khutbah: 1:15pm Adhan, 1:40pm Iqamah
Second Khutbah: 2:15pm Adhan, 2:40pm Iqamah

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Board of Director (BoD) & Board of Trustee(BoT) 2020 Election Announcement

There will be three vacancies on South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA) Board of Directors by the end of 2020 year when the BoD term of Br. Mohammed Qamaruzzaman, Br. Zeeshan Mokarim, and Br. Fahad Alam ends.

There will be one vacancy on South Bay Islamic Association (SBIA) Board of Trustees by the end of 2020 year when the term of Br. Insaaf Mohideen ends. SBIA is seeking nominations from motivated community members who can contribute their time, experience and expertise towards the growth and development of SBIA as one of reputed religious and social organization in the bay area. It is a very rewarding and high impact way to do community service while learning new skills that can enhance their own careers. Details of the elections are also posted on the SBIA website where you can find:
  1. Election Timeline
  2. Downloadable Board of Nomination forms (Available from Sept 14th 2020)
  3. BOD and voting member criteria
Please visit for detailed SBIA 2020 election information. The SBIA Weekly Newsletter will include details on 2020 BOD/BOT Elections. The BoD/BoT nomination Forms will be available starting Sep 14th 2020 and the deadline for submitting signed nominations form is Oct 11th 2020 by 9 PM. Please contact any of the following SBIA Election Committee Members if you have any questions or need clarification.
Name Phone Number Email
Br Siddique Palla 408-807-0497
Br Mussa Burhan 408-914-8473
Nayeem Khaja 408-219-1015
Mustafa Ali 510-579-7425
Jazakallahu Khairan, Election Committee, South Bay Islamic Association Read More »

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sbia event

The Healing Prophet ﷺ: SBIA Annual Mawlid

On Sat. Oct. 24, 8:30pm
At Online

Shaykh Faraz Khan
Maulana Nabi Raza Abidi
Imam Tahir Anwar

Nasheeds by
Sidi Mouaz Nass
Qari Zakariae el-Makkaoui
Emmad & Umair QadriRead More »

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Weekly Tafsir With Imam Tahir Anwar (Online)

On Mondays Evenings, 8pm
At Watch Online

Weekly Tafsir: Selected Verses from the Qur'an With Imam Tahir. Watch OnlineRead More »